Standout Solutions

Welcome To Standout Solutions
Standout Solutions provides expert renovation services to homeowners in the Greater Vancouver, BC.
From partial and complete renovations and home upgrades to building brand new homes,
our team of experienced and trustworthy renovation contractors will create the home you’ve always wanted.
What Services Do We Provide?

Our experienced and licensed renovation contractors provide a wide range of renovation services for residential properties.

Contact us if you’re planning any of the following renovations:

Do you want to upgrade to a finished basement that serves a functional purpose? We’ll bring your basement to the next level with a complete remodel or by adding a few important finishing touches.

Does your bathroom need some updating? We’ll help you make big and small changes in your bathroom that will feel like a fresh start.

Want a new or upgraded look for your kitchen? Whether we tear out the old kitchen and start with something brand new, or if you’d prefer to make improvements on what’s already there, we’ll help you design the kitchen of your dreams.

Ready for entirely new home upgrade? We’ll help you plan and complete the full renovation of your home to create the home of your dreams.

Why Choose Standout Solutions?

With years of professional experience, our team of licensed renovation contractors are some of the very best in the business.

When you choose us to complete your home renovation,

you’re guaranteed to be satisfied with our superior customer service and quality workmanship.

Here are a few more reasons why Standout Solutions is the best choice for you:

With our level of expertise, your project will be completed with speed and precision. Because when it comes to renovating homes, we know exactly what we’re doing.
Our licensed renovation contractors have years of experience completing large and small home renovations. They have successfully completed every type of renovation project you can imagine.
Our teams knows the ins and outs of local building regulations. This will save you time and money, because we can get the job done without added complications or hassles.
Communication and honesty are key in any relationship, which is why we value honest communication when working with our clients. We’ll keep you informed about the project’s progress and any unexpected delays along the way. If any issues or concerns arise, you’ll be the first to know to ensure quick problem solving.
Whether you come to Standout Solutions with a vague idea in mind of your ideal kitchen remodel, or if you have detailed architectural plans and you’re looking for new home builders, we can provide all the services you need to meet your renovation goals. With our complete renovation services, you don’t have to worry about anything – no matter where you are in the process.
When working on a renovation project, whether it’s simple or complex, you want to be involved in every decision that’s made. With Standout Solutions, we’re on your team.
We want to know exactly what you want, and we’ll collaborate with you throughout the renovation project to make sure we bring your vision to life.
Let us help you make your dream home a reality.
Contact us today to schedule a consultation about your home renovation project.
Our renovation experts will gladly help you get started with this exciting process!